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  • 04
  • November
  • 2019

Hello Friends,

I am Dr. Prasad Rajhans, Chief Intensivist at the department of Critical Care & Emergency Medicine in Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospitals, Pune, I am also the Past president for "Society for Emergency Medicine India(SEMI)" in 2005 and 2006. People say that I have contributed for the development of prehospital care that’s Dial108 in the country. Well I am associated with this field since 1999 and I have seen this field grow in leaps and bounds. Initially we are city level services, then district level service, followed by state level service, and now we have witnessed Pan India development of 108 emergency services, all over the country and many EMS providers are associated with this field now. Of course this field has been developed by lot of hard work, lot of dedication, lot of passion of different individuals and different organizations, and of course various governmental agencies at the state level and central level. The backbone of this field is paramedics or the EMS doctors those go in an ambulances. The society for ambulance paramedics (SAP-India) was founded with this whole idea. The idea was to develop prehospital care in the more organised way, to put forth the issues related to prehospital care, to improve the quality of prehospital care and to impart education in prehospital care. The 1st SAPCON 2019 was first conducted in Hyderabad, and it was the wonderful conference. I was one of the keynote speakers of this conference and I really enjoyed the conference. Now we have the SAPCON 2020, coming up at Chennai, on the 7th & 8th of March, and I am sure this is an exciting conference to attend. There will be lot of faculty both national and international will be sharing the knowledge, the expertise, and you will come to know, what’s happening with in the country, within the state and of course internationally. You will make new friends, you will have lot of networking with the other people from different parts of the world. I am sure that the organising committee making great effort to have a good conference in Chennai. So I hope that all of you attend this conference in large numbers and I hope to see you all at Chennai.

Welcome to SAPCON 2020.

Dr. Prasad Rajhans

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